January 25

The Cool Arrives: Enter the Air Conditioner, Your Family’s Guardian of Comfort

Summer’s fiery chariot ascends, casting a warm gaze upon the land. While the sun dances outside, within our homes, a silent hero stands guard: the… View Article Read More

comfort hvac system air conditioner
January 24

Your Champion of Comfort and Savings for All Seasons: Your HVAC Superhero

Your HVAC system Superhero Imagine a world where temperature tantrums are history. No more shivering by drafty windows in winter or sweltering through sticky summer… View Article Read More

October 29

2020 NCI Chairman’s Award

Local HVAC Contractor wins national award Ronald Amaya, co-owner of of Houston, TX was presented with the 2020 National Comfort Institute (NCI) Chairman’s Award during… View Article Read More

August 25

6 Steps to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

When most people think of air quality, they first think about pollution from cars and factories. What they do not realize, though, is that indoor… View Article Read More

Air Duct Renovation
August 25

8 Signs Your Home Needs an Air Duct Renovation

Approximately 85 percent of homes in the southern United States currently use central air to stay cool during the summer. If you are part of… View Article Read More

How To Get Rid Of AC Mold
August 14

How to Get Rid of AC Mold

Experts estimate that over 50 percent of houses in the United States have issues with mold. Is your house one of them? If so, your… View Article Read More

August 14

Types of Mini Splits and Thier benefits

In a place as hot as Houston, air conditioning is non-negotiable. There’s no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to the type of air conditioner you… View Article Read More

April 4

Coronavirus COVID-19 Precautions And Safety Measures

A Message to Our Customers & Community Our prayers are with those who have been affected by COVID-19. You have been relying on us when… View Article Read More

June 8

Punbar Wins National Award

of Houston, TX was recently named Small Contractor of the Year by National Comfort Institute, Inc. (NCI) during their 2019 annual conference in Orlando, FL…. View Article Read More

Size Matters
October 22

Size Matters: What Size Air Conditioner Should You Pick?

When summer hits, experts can’t get over how many people buy the wrong sized air conditioning unit. Are you lost? Don’t worry, we can help!… View Article Read More