Punbar employee checking the levels of an indoor HVAC unit At Punbar Air we focus on home performance optimization and improving indoor air quality in Houston and the Katy area. Our team will field measure the efficiency of your old system and recommend improvements for it. After, we will make sure to measure the new system’s performance to prove that it is functioning as designed.

    The effectiveness of the equipment is entirely dependent on the amount of airflow. When our professionals measure the airflow, they see how the system is performing. With this information, we can diagnose, repair, and balance, the duct system for maximum system performance.

    At Punbar Air we make sure that you have the best airflow and air quality for your home.

    We measure your entire comfort system’s performance and show you how you can get the most out of your central heating and air conditioning. Newly installed equipment only operates at 55% to 70% of its rated capacity, we want to change this for you and bring you the highest HVAC system performance.

    Attic insulation impacts HVAC system performance by slowing the transfer of heat between spaces. Additionally, it blocks the flow of air. Trapped air creates heat.

    Airflow testing includes measuring the movement of air through an HVAC product and overall performance.

    Hot, leaky ducts can increase costs to your heating and cooling bills. This is easily prevented by having your ducts sealed and insulated your ducts.

    Poor HVAC airflow greatly reduces efficiency and overall performance. Your system will have to work harder in order to heat or cool, which in turn puts a strain on system parts, shortens longevity, heightens bills and makes it hard to stay comfortable.