As a team of engineers, we independently started our company in 2015. The idea of this company began when noticing the HVAC system damages in our own homes. As engineers, we thought that we must solve this issue since it was not only affecting us but others too.

When researching our competitors, we realized that other companies lack the knowledge of basic HVAC systems fundamentals. We know that every household is unique and that every system has a different range. Our team will look for the specific problem, and have the right measurements and equipment to bring a solution for your HVAC system issue, giving you the comfort you deserve.

Punbar Air’s Values

Our company stands for the value of identifying poor installations, comfort issues, and inefficiencies in HVAC systems. With the application of engineering and innovative solutions, we give the benefit of exceptional comfort and energy savings to our customers.

Our services include the design, selling, installation, and maintenance of systems. We always have in mind your comfort and air quality when offering our services. Our wide array of financing options, and practical and innovative approaches, makes energy-efficient cooling and heating affordable to all.

Our Mission

Punbar Air’s mission is to bring our customers’ optimization of HVAC systems for optimum comfort, efficiency, safety, and energy savings.

Punbar Air’s Focus

We focus on supporting our customers through HOME performance optimization by improving indoor air quality and reducing energy use.