The climate in Houston, TX makes an air conditioner a must-have. Many people can’t rely on window units that only cool one room or space. Central air systems are much better. You can crank up to AC on a hot July or August day when temperatures soar over 90 degrees Fahrenheit and use a lower setting when the temperature drops. To keep your AC working, you must opt for maintenance. Find out the best time of the year for AC maintenance and what it involves.

How Often Do You Need AC Service?

One of the big questions we get is, “How often do homeowners need to service their AC units?” While you might think that you need service every season, you really only need one appointment a year. During your maintenance check-up, we’ll look at the filters, capacitors, condensers, coils, and all other parts. Not only can we repair some of those parts during your appointment, but we can also inform you about any potential problems that might appear later.

When Should You Schedule AC Maintenance?

The best time to schedule AC maintenance is usually around the beginning of spring. You probably don’t use your AC much during winter, and you may not use it at all. Spring is the best time for maintenance because you want to ensure that your system is ready for the summer heat. You can run your AC and listen for signs that it might not be ready for warmer weather.

Reasons, why we recommend spring AC maintenance, include:
  • Faster appointment scheduling without a lot of competition from other homeowners
  • Getting the AC ready to keep up with the hot, and muggy Texas summer
  • Saving money with special spring deals and offers

Why Not Winter or Another Season?

We usually recommend that our customers call in the spring rather than the winter because, as spring temperatures rise, you can quickly see if your AC can keep up with the weather. If your cooling system can’t keep your home cool when temperatures climb into the 70s or 80s, it won’t keep up with the hot summer weather. You can also see if the AC maintains the temperature you want or if it keeps fluctuating between temperatures.

Summer Maintenance

While spring is the best time for AC maintenance, it’s OK to call at the beginning of summer or even in the middle of that season. You might crank up the AC as the temperature rises and find that it works great for a few months before it stops working. We encourage you to give us a call to see if general maintenance can help or if you need a specific repair. You wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money running an inefficient AC system to keep up with the high temperatures.

Does AC Maintenance Include Filter Services?

Before you call, you can easily find out more about what AC maintenance check-ups include. They start with a look at your filters, which can pick up a lot of debris during the long winter. From dust and dander to pet hair and particles, those filters keep all those impurities from reaching you and your family. Your appointment involves cleaning the filters to remove any debris, but the technician can also replace the filter if needed.

What Else Does It Include?

You can think about an AC maintenance appointment like an inspection or a check-up. In the same way that your doctor looks over your whole body during a physical check-up, we spend a lot of time looking over your entire AC system. We make sure that all of the equipment is in good shape and doesn’t show wear. With thermostat calibration, we ensure that every time you use it, your AC responds.

We also look at all of the electrical parts and the coils. The condenser works with the evaporator coils to produce cool air and draw warm air out of your home. They also work together to limit the home’s humidity level. If we find any signs of damage or problems that might worsen in the future, we let you know on the spot.

Maintenance often involves cleaning the inside of the unit, too. This removes debris stuck inside and can help with any bad odors you pick up. We also check the condensate line and refrigerant lines for leaks and make sure the AC has proper airflow. Condensate line leaks can lead to backups that cause mold to grow inside your AC.

Some of the other parts your technician looks at during a maintenance session include:
  • Blower
  • Air handler
  • Safety valves
  • Drain lines
  • Refrigerant level

Why Is Professional AC Maintenance So Important?

While some Houston residents think they can maintain their systems without any help, we get calls nearly every week from those who made big mistakes while attempting this. Professional AC maintenance is important because doing the work yourself can void your warranty. Many manufacturers offer an AC warranty that lasts for years. If the company finds out that you damaged the unit, they will not pay for any of the repairs you need, even if the AC goes out.

Another reason for AC maintenance is that it keeps your cooling system running exactly as it should. You don’t need to worry about the blower going out in the middle of the night or finding ice on the outside unit. Don’t forget that routine maintenance can save you money, too. Skipping your annual check-up can result in the system going out or expensive parts failing. Our service appointments usually take two hours or less, and the technician goes over every square inch of your air conditioner.

With all the time you spend cooped up inside in winter, it’s natural for your home to develop some funky odors. As you run your AC, those odors spread through your home. A smart reason to invest in professional AC maintenance is that it helps you eliminate those odors and improve your indoor air quality at the same time.

Another bonus is that AC maintenance helps you save money by making the system more efficient. A well-maintained system will cost less to run during the hot Houston summers.

There’s Never a Bad Time for AC Maintenance

We like to say that there is never a bad time for AC maintenance. We offer Club Membership for customers who want to save money and stay on top of system maintenance. Members get 10% off all the services they need and priority 24/7 support during an emergency. We also waive the dispatch fee when a technician comes to your home and give you 10% off AC upgrades. What more could you need?

While spring is usually the best time to schedule AC maintenance, we are always available to help our customers. During your appointment, we’ll inspect the entire unit, from the condenser and coils to the blower and wires. Get ready to beat the heat in Houston when you call Punbar Air for AC maintenance.


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